Written by Tara Beagan

Directed and Designed by Andy Moro / Performed by Cherish V. Blood / Original Music and Stage Management by Lacey Hill / Sound Co-design Luca Caruso-Moro

Deer Woman Trailer / Arts Centre Melbourne

Deer Woman is a solo warrior woman work of righteous vengeance, starring Cherish Violet Blood. Lila is a big sister whose little one was stolen. She is the daughter of a hunter who taught her all he knew. She’s ex-army, but can’t seem to leave all that training behind. Circumstances converge and Lila finds the perfect opportunity to avenge her younger sister’s murder while exercising the skills the Canadian government trained into her.

in Andy Moro’s intense production for ARTICLE 11 Theatre, Cherish Violet Blood delivers an unforgettable performance” The Scotsman

“Deer Woman challenges the audience to fight for what is important to you at your core; because if you don’t, who will?” The Skinny

This is by no means the middle-class-targeted “pain porn” which Lila mocks at earlier: it’s life, sharp as her knife.” Broadway Baby

“It’s a startling, extreme show, delivered in a spellbinding performance by Cherish Violet Blood” The Artsdesk

“This is incendiary stuff” The Guardian 

“It’s not often you go to the theatre and are so enthralled, while being taken on this intimate unraveling of what seems like some sort of confession, never quite sure where it’s going, but too captivated to care. ARTICLE 11’s Andy Moro , Tara Beagan and Cherish Violet Blood have created an extraordinary night in the theatre I hope to see tour everywhere!! Brilliant!!!”
–Rachael Zoa Maza, AD of Ilbijerri Theatre

“Deer Woman is a work of immense power” The Conversation

“performed by the inimitable Cherish Violet Blood in a gutsy, poignant performance” AUDREY Journal

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