FROM KAHA:WI DANCE THEATRE: An embodied incantation Blood, Water, Earth traverses sacred alignment from cosmos to womb to earth, in a symbolic ritual renewal. Weaving performance, video and music, the performance channels the ancestral, elemental and the dream world. Highly cinematic, the imagery and energies span the wide range of what is womxn: warrior, leader, mother, and huntress. Acknowledging inter-connectedness and shared experiences of Konkwehon:we (Indigenous womxn), Blood Water Earth places a Konkwehon:we/Mana Wahine (Maori Womxn’s) worldview in the vanguard.

BLOOD WATER EARTH Trailer by Andy Moro

Production: Kaha:wi Dance Theatre
Artistic Direction/Concept/Performer: Santee Smith
Live Singer(s): Semiah Kaha:wi Smith, Jennifer Kreisberg
Video Design: Louise Potiki Bryant
Director of Photography: Paddy Free, Louise Potiki Bryant
Costume Design: Adriana Fulop, Elaine Redding, Leigh Smith
Lighting Design/Technical Direction: Andy Moro
Music Composition: Cris Derksen
Additional Scoring: Adrian Harjo, Semiah Smith (vocals), Jennifer Kreisberg (vocals), Jo’el Komene (taonga pūoro), Paddy Free
Pottery Visuals: Steve T. Smith
Video Performers: Nancy Wijohn, Bianca Hyslop, Santee Smith
Sponsors: Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council, Creative New Zealand.

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