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Native Earth Performing Arts presents Tara Beagan’s powerful and poetic look at blood ties, entitlement, inheritance and legacy. Inspired by Eugene O’Neill’s Desire Under the Elms and the ‘Canadian experience.’


Director: Ruth Madoc-Jones
Apprentice Director: Derek Garza, Dramaturgical Consultant: Daniel David Moses, Apprentice Dramaturge: Sarah Podemski, Set & Lighting Design: Andy Moro
Head of Props: Alex Vass, Sound Design: Verne Good, Sound Composition: Jason Burnstick, Costume Design: Erika Iserhoff, Movement: Michael Greyeyes

Featuring: James Cade, Lisa Codrington, Jerry Franken, John Ng, Yvette Nolan, PJ Prudat & Ash Knight

Beagan is clearly concerned with issues of land and legacy – and fittingly, the strongest part of this production is Andy Moroʼs set, which consists of wooden planks, real earth and an overarching elm tree. Having the play performed in the round adds a sense of intimacy. – Glen Sumi, NOW Magazine

Upon entering Buddies’ Mainspace, one is struck by the scent of soil and sawdust and can practically smell the rain as we hear it coming down. Soil covers the actors’ feet, clothes and spill out of Even’s shoes and pockets. The actors walk, sleep, and kneel in the earth, referencing those who are buried underneath. Andy Moro’s set is sunken in the centre of the room, with multi-level platforms and ramps. Above are eerily hung branches. Moro’s simple set transports us from field to farmhouse and the intimate space of the closet that Even Cabot sleeps in. (His) lighting design supports the story beautifully, especially in the second act when with each new day existence on the Cabot farm becomes increasingly unbearable, the light becomes increasingly garish. There is no lack of imagery here.  – Jessica Yee,  The Charlebois Post

Photography by Juan Camilo Palacio / All Rights Reserved 2012 (click for more of his beautiful work)

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