By Kaha:wi Dance Theatre. Concieved and Choreographed by Artistic Director Santee Smith

Blood Tides is the 2nd production in a triptych series (Re-Quickening, Blood Tides, Skennen) about the re-matriation to the house of humanity: the womb. Created and performed through a ceremonial process, scenes such as The Thresholders, Awakening, Lightning Woman, First Waters, Emergence, First Moon, Renewal, Re-sculpting, Weaving the Strands and Sacred Seed reaffirms the power of a women’s reproductive body and her role as the portal between worlds, the thresholder of life and death.

Managing Artistic Director/Producer, Concept, Design, Dance Artist – Santee Smith
Dance Artists – Marina Acevedo, Jahra ‘Rager’ Wasasala, Julianne Blackbird
Creation Process Dance Artists – Sophie Williams, Nancy Wijohn, Kura Te Waati, Raelyn Metcalf, Irma Villafuerte
Dramaturgy – Monique Mojica
Cultural Advisor, Outside Eye, Vocals (Māori Karanga, Waiata) – Ngāhuia Murphy
Cultural Advisors – Louise McDonald, Dawn Martin-Hill, Leigh Smith
Video Designer/Creation Outside Eye – Louise Potiki Bryant
Set/Lighting Designer – Andy Moro
Costume Designer – Adriana Fulop
Score Composer/Arrangement – Cris Derksen
Song Composers – Pura Fé, Semiah Kaha:wi Smith

Images by David Hou. Not for reproduction.

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