By Tara Beagan. Produced / Presented by the Belfry Theatre

“There’s a flood of human warmth and compassion in anything Tara Beagan creates.”


“The Ministry of Grace is a force to be reckoned with—it will reach across the stage, grab your heart in its hands, and make off with it. See it happen. I dare you.”

—NEXUS Newspaper

A grand, sweeping story of friendship and redemption.

It’s 1950 in the deserts of Southern California. Evangelist Brother Cain has a booming trade; his tent revival show moves from town to town, fleecing crowds desperate for something to believe in. When he discovers Mary, a Ntlaka’pamux woman from the Nicola Valley, reading the bible, he puts her onstage, renames her Grace, and displays her as a miracle: an Indian who can read.

Written and Directed by Tara Beagan

Performed by PJ Prudat, Stafford Perry, Sheldon Elter & Lara Schmitz

Set, Lighting, Props & Projection by Andy Moro / Costume Design Jeff Chief / Composer & Sound Design Allison Lynch / Fight Direction Morgan Yamada / Stage Manager Meghan Speakman Assistant Stage Manager Becca Jorgensen / Production Manager Mike Ford / Technical Director / Gregory Smith, Set, Props Construction, Dale Pudwell and Peter Pokorny / Paint by Carole Klemm Venue Head, Keith Houghten, Operator Lukas C. Smith

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