Beyond the Cuckoo’s Nest


Young People’s Theatre Mainstage | May 7-17, 2012

Directed by Edward Roy. Featuring Miranda Edwards, David Patrick Fleming, Brendan McMurty-Howlett and Soo Garay.

Set & Projections: Andy Moro, Costume: Nina Okens; Lighting: Kim Purtell; Sound: Lyon Smith Dramaturg: Stephen Colella; Stage Manager: Kevin Olson.

Patricia, Jude and Trey meet regularly at a drop-in group for teenagers diagnosed with a mental health issue. In a series of scenes from both the group and their personal lives, we get to know their unique situations as they struggle with school workloads, worried parents, peer pressure and broken hearts. Beyond the Cuckoo’s Nest reminds us that stigmatization of mental illness is still one of the biggest barriers to finding and holding on to hope.

Andy Moro has designed a fairly abstract set with a long pentagonal opening that only takes on any identity under the fantastic still and moving projections he has designed.  His animation of the words flying about Trey’s head as he tries to give his speech is a great effect and the outer space projections he uses to show Jude’s preoccupations are stunning.

– Christopher Hoile, Stage Door

I prefer fewer technical elements to more of them. I mention this so you’ll know how much of a compliment I intend to pay when I say that Andy Moro’s projections onstage throughout functioned almost as a fifth character for me. Moro does absolutely brilliant things here. His projection is like magic, generous without ever being too much; never ever distracting or pulling focus.

– S Bear Bergman, Mooney on Theatre

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