written by Cliff Cardinal 
a Culture Storm Production Presented by Native Earth Performing Arts

Dora Mavor Moore Award nominee – 2016 for Best Sound Design by Andy Moro and Luca Caruso-Moro Independent Theatre category.

Directed by Jovanni Sy, Performed by Georgina Beaty 

Production Design by Andy Moro, Music Composition by Luca Caruso-Moro, Stage Manager Jennifer Stobart

Stitch is a transgressive, cathartic drama about one of the nameless faces that blip through the world of internet pornography. This debut production by playwright Cliff Cardinal sees one female performer play twelve different characters, including the central role of Kylie Grandview, a porn star who has suffered massive psychological abuse and consequently makes awful life choices. After a series of self-sabotaging decisions that lead to her own disfigurement and the loss of her child, Kylie makes one last attempt to redeem herself and to be heard. Stitch explores a woman’s desperate attempt to be understood. 

NNNN – Cliff Cardinal’s dark and ultimately unnerving comedy Stitch… A hit at SummerWorks 2011, the play still packs a gut-wrenching punch.” – Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine

“…funny, shocking, and sad” – Martin Morrow, –  Torontoist

Stitch is a taut, sensitively directed production, beautifully performed by Georgina Beaty.” – Jeniva Berger, Scene Changes

“brilliant piece of theatre… will have you cringing, crying and laughing all at once. Not for the faint of heart, but very worth seeing.” – Michael Piscitelli, Ontario Arts Review

“The show is terrifying, deeply disturbing, challenging and yes, at times, very funny.” – Celeste Sansregret, Sprockets and Greasepaint

REVIEWS: NOW Magazine (Review): by Jon Kaplan | NNNNTorontoist (Review): by Martin Morrow | ★★★½☆Ontario Arts Review (Review): by Michael PiscitelliSprockets and Greasepaint (Review): by Celeste Sansregret

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