Andy Moro. Work view.

Andy Moro is a multi-disciplinary artist.

His practice began in studio visual arts, foundry-based sculpture, blown glass, large-scale public installation and pyrotechnics. His non-academic training includes work in automobile assembly, film graphics, rostrum animation (16 & 35mm) print graphics, darkroom and digital photography, 3d display technology, construction and installation, set construction, projection, set, lighting, sound and property design.

Presently Moro co-directs the Indigenous Activism Arts organization ARTICLE 11 with partner Tara Beagan. ARTICLE 11 most recently premiered Moro designed and Directed Deer Woman at the Kia Mau Festival in Wellington, Aotearoa (NZ.) and the Sydney Festival this past January. In August 2019 Deer Woman headlined at Indigenous Contemporary Scene and Selfconscious Productions’ Canada Hub in Edinburgh and then on to the Arts Centre Melbourne.

ARTICLE 11’s site-responsive installation DECLARATION has been featured at the Royal Ontario Museum, the National Arts Centre, Calgary City Hall and the Edinburgh Festival.

Recent freelance design work includes Ian Ross’ new work The Third Colour for Prarie Theatre Exchange, Natalie Sappier’s Finding Wolastoq Voice, the Dancers of Damelahamid’s Minowin, and Marie Clements’ Unnatural and Accidental Women at the National Arts Centre Indigenous Theatre’s Inaugural Mòshkamo Festival. Most recently ARTICLE 11 premiered Beagan’s The Ministry of Grace at the Belfry Theatre in Victoria.

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