“What would happen if Sky Gilbert wrote The Drawer Boy?” Using his own country/city dichotomy, Gilbert provides the narrative foundation for his newest play.

This sexy triangular dramedy has two brothers meeting in a farmhouse and wrestling with family issues the way only brothers can. The possibility for underwear-tearing homosocial behaviour and subtle titillation are stage techniques that Gilbert, as both writer and director, injects into the production with his trademark physically and emotionally charged style.

Produced by the Cabaret Company

Written and Directed by Sky Gilbert, Featuring Jason Cadieux, Wes Berger and Bruce Beaton

Set and Lighting by Andy Moro (Dora Nomination), Costume by Sheree Tams

Architecturally impossible. – J. Kelly Nestruk, The Globe & Mail

Designed and lit by Andy Moro, Reconciliation’s set certainly goes The Drawer Boy one better…although Gilbert’s performers inhabit it as if there were a convenient bar around the corner and all of rural Ontario were blessedly mosquito free. – John Colbourne, Toronto Sun